This website is not intended as a source of direct medical information for public use. The site is aimed for use by referring medical practitioners who want to make use of services provided by Salisbury Radiology Group. Anyone can make an enquiry, but it is preferable for a patient’s doctor to do so on their behalf.

Salisbury Radiology Group reserves the right to withhold response to enquiries which it deems to be inappropriate. In such cases members of the public are advised to consult with their NHS General Practitioner.

Although we make every effort to provide services as quickly as possible, users of the services of Salisbury Radiology Group – patients and referrers – must understand that rapid turnover of referrals may not always be achievable and in certain circumstances may be undesirable in the interest of the patient. In our efforts to maintain standards of excellence we reserve the right to delay provision of service if quality of that service is placed at risk.

There may be occasions when provision of services is delayed due to circumstances outside our control. If this occurs we hope that users of our services can accept our apologies as well as our assurance that we will do our very best to restore services as quickly and safely as possible.