X-rays are commonly used as the first imaging investigation. An X-ray image is taken by a radiographer and is then interpreted by a Consultant Radiologist, using our digital image display system.

X-rays are commonly requested by your doctor to look for the cause of your symptoms, such as chest pain or joint problems. Very often further investigations such as an MRI or ultrasound are required, but Radiologists find it very helpful to have the X-ray image available first.

Having an X-ray only takes a few minutes and is painless. Generally it is a good idea to wear loose clothing in the area to be imaged, and for some parts of the body you may be asked to remove some jewellery.

Pregnant Patients

It is important that you tell your referring doctor that you are, or could be, pregnant. Before taking X-rays all female patients of childbearing age are routinely asked if they are pregnant. If you are pregnant there may be alternative tests available to help reach a diagnosis, and your referring doctor should discuss the options with a Radiologist before you are referred.