Salisbury Radiology Group offers a comprehensive service in breast imaging. Our Consultant Breast Radiologists – Dr Susan Hegarty, Dr Mike Hughes and Dr Nicola Bell – all provide breast imaging services for Salisbury District Hospital and The Southampton and Salisbury Breast Screening Service.

They all have expertise in imaging the breast using mammography, ultrasound and MRI and are all core members of the NHS Breast Multidisciplinary Team working very closely with breast surgeons, histopathologists, cancer specialists, nursing and radiography colleagues.

Patients with a breast problem may be referred by a medical practitioner for diagnostic breast imaging – prior to consideration for referral to a breast surgeon. The method of imaging will be determined by the clinical information.

If you have breast symptoms you will usually be investigated using mammography, ultrasound or both. If required our Consultants can offer you imaging guided aspiration or biopsy during your appointment, allowing you to get your results as soon as possible.

Private breast imaging services can be accessed at Salisbury District Hospital.