Who can refer me to Salisbury Radiology Group?

Your hospital doctor, GP or other qualified health care professional can make a referral. For some investigations (X-ray and CT scanning) there are restrictions on who can make a referral.

It is important that the person referring you to us provides appropriate information about your symptoms. This allows us to form an expert opinion regarding what is seen on your X-ray or scan. Occasionally we will need to discuss your symptoms with your doctor before your appointment and we may ask for more information or for you to be seen by another doctor prior to your appointment with us.

To make a referral for medical imaging please ask your doctor or other health care professional to download this printable referral form.
Referral Form (Download PDF)

Which scans do Salisbury Radiology Group perform?

We provide a broad range of medical imaging services. All our consultants are experienced in most types of medical imaging. Usually your doctor will be aware of the services we provide and so they will be able to talk through any questions you have before they make a referral. Please see the links on the left to see more information about our X-ray, Ultrasound, CT, MRI and other services.