Although commonly used in the setting of pregnancy, ultrasound is a very effective method for investigating a large number of medical problems.

Our Consultant Radiologists have a wide range of experience in ultrasound examination. We commonly use ultrasound scans to look for the cause of symptoms such as abdominal pain, lumps under the skin, and joint pain. We can use ultrasound to examine the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, kidneys, bladder and prostate. Ultrasound is an extremely effective as a method for assessing testicular lumps and excluding testicular cancer.

Most ultrasound examinations will take approximately 10-15 minutes. When having an ultrasound scan it is a good idea to wear loose clothing that can be easily pulled back or removed. An ultrasound transducer is placed on the skin using some water-based gel to allow sound waves to travel into the body. No radiation is involved and so ultrasound is completely harmless.

Before your ultrasound you may be asked to fast or to drink fluids to fill your bladder. You will be given instructions when we contact you to book your appointment. These preparations allow for improved visualisation of certain parts of the body such as the gallbladder (fasting) or the pelvic organs (full bladder).