We maintain the highest standards of confidentiality that you would expect from any healthcare professional and that is required by the General Medical Council document – ‘Confidentiality’ (2009). We promise not to pass on your details – demographic or medical – to any third party not involved in your care.

In the course of your investigation and treatment it is usually necessary for staff who are not directly involved in your care to be made aware of your contact details, for example in order to book your appointment. These members of staff are fully trained in issues of confidentiality and are all overseen by the same standards of confidentiality as the clinicians who are directly caring for you.

Services provided by Salisbury Radiology Group usually results in provision of a written report based on imaging findings for the attention and understanding of your referring clinician. This information will be passed by fax, email or post to your referring clinician, and will also remain securely on the electronic picture and communication archive of the hospital where you had your investigation. The report may also be transferred to another hospital if this is deemed necessary for the purposes of providing the services paid for, or if deemed necessary in the best interest of continuation of patient care. This is particularly relevant if your care is being transferred from one hospital to another.

If you have moved into the area, or if you have had previous imaging investigations in other hospitals, then we may need to refer to imaging investigations performed elsewhere. If this is the case, then we will endeavour to make available relevant images and reports of previous investigations, and may store this information temporarily or permanently on our secure systems.