The Salisbury Radiology Group offer a full range of diagnostic and interventional services for the diagnosis and treatment of chest conditions.

Dr Katie Johnson and Dr Graham Lloyd-Jones are specialist Chest Radiologists working closely with the Chest Physicians in Salisbury, and Cardiothoracic Surgeons from Southampton. Referrals are accepted direct from GPs, hospital clinicians and other health care professionals.

The Salisbury Radiology Group offer the following services:

  • X-ray of the Chest
  • Ultrasound of the chest
  • Ultrasound guided aspiration and biopsy of the chest
  • CT of the chest including high resolution CT
  • CT angiography of the thorax
  • CT guided aspiration, drainage and biopsy of the chest including lungs, chest wall and mediastinum
  • MRI of the thorax
  • SPECT Perfusion scanning

The Salisbury Radiology Group are pleased to provide advice on appropriate imaging and interventions to referrers, patients and their families.